Bandit Tow Trucks – You Want to Stay Away From These

It’s the dead of winter, and your car has broken down out in the middle of nowhere. What do you do if a tow truck driver approaches you and asks if you need assistance? If the experience of many people who have been burned by similar situations is any indication, the company providing these tow trucks will not only charge you extortionate rates, but they will also hold your vehicle until you pay those fees. If you simply run out of gas or blew a tyre, the towing and the time they hold the vehicle before you pay up might easily cost more than $1000. There was also a recent alert from the insurer Allstate, who said that they often encounter these tow trucks. They’re known as bandit tow trucks.Feel free to find more information at tow truck near me.

Why does Allstate care so much for keeping their customers protected from dishonest tow truck operators? It’s just that when people with comprehensive or collision insurance use these bandit tow vehicles, the insurance provider is ultimately responsible for paying the claim. And, naturally, if their prices increase, they’ll compensate by increasing premiums across the board. So, what do you do to stop being exploited when stranded on the road and vulnerable?

Never grant a tow truck permission to support you if you didn’t ask for it or if a police officer didn’t call for it. If you need to call a towing service, make sure it’s one that’s been screened and approved by the roadside assistance programme you’ve signed up for. When you call a tow truck service, double-check that the person who arrives is the one you requested. Whatever happens, make sure you don’t reveal any details about your insurance to your truck driver.

Even if you’re stranded and need to get home fast, what you’re looking for is a tow company that will take your car to your normal repair shop or a tow truck that will take you home. If they take you to an unknown repair shop, you can expect to be paid for each hour the car is kept there. They may take your car to a parking lot where imponded cars are held instead of a repair shop. They’re just looking for an excuse to charge you for car storage.